VNTI-Designer - a New Platform for Synthetic Biology Software

Haw Siang Brandon Ang , Life Technologies, Singapore, Singapore
Synthetic biology is an emerging field that aims to apply engineering principles to design of assays and expression systems. This is achieved through the use of functionally characterized sequences, termed parts, that can be flexibly combined to produce predictable transcriptionally and translationally regulated genomic circuits. A major challenge for scientists is the ability to find an optimal solution for selecting parts, host organisms and assembly strategies amongst an abundance of possibilities. Our group is developing a solution to this problem, which we call Vector NTI® Express Designer. The key components of this software include a dynamic database, a graphical designer platform and an assembly canvas. Designer will enable users to develop comprehensive collections of fully characterized parts from target organisms. It will have an integrated graphical visualization tool to help customers prototype, design and assemble in silico devices and circuits from their parts collection.  We will integrate this strategy with typical bioinformatics tools for codon optimization, restriction analysis, primer design etc. Designer has a rule-based engine that automatically designs solutions based upon the user’s needs, and suggest solutions in a configurable fashion. Designer helps users with experimental assembly choices using available cloning technologies and a one-click solution to synthesize or assemble their sequence through GeneArt.