P0131 GS FLX+ Data in the Budgie Genome Assembly

Clotilde Teiling , Roche Applied Science, Indianapolis, IN
Jason Howard , Duke University, NC
Roger Winer , Roche Applied Science, Indianapolis, IN
Chinnappa Dilip Kodira , Roche, Branford, CT
Erich Jarvis , Duke University, Durham, NC
The GS FLX+ System provides extended Sanger-like reads that can improve assemblies without requiring high coverage, enabling larger contigs in any genome. Featuring improvements in 454 sequencing chemistry, instrumentation, and software, the GS FLX+ System produces draft assemblies with fewer gaps, longer contigs, and better assignment of repeat regions.  With read lengths of up to 1,000 base pairs, the GS FLX+ System generates more than a million high-quality reads per run.

In this specific example of the budgie genome, the GS FLX+ long reads resolved more repeats and significantly improved assembly quality.  This poster illustrates how hybrid assemblies using long reads, multi-span paired end reads, and short-read data generate a high-quality draft genome with fewer gaps and longer scaffolds, reducing  project costs.  The collaboration of 454 Life Sciences and Duke University on sequencing the budgie genome  resulted in a cost-effective  hybrid sequencing approach, as well as a high-quality assembly using the extra-long reads of the GS FLX+ System.