P0158 Release of SSR Markers Derived From Poa arachnifera (Texas Bluegrass)

Bryan Kindiger , USDA-ARS, Grazinglands Research Lab, El Reno, OK
Microsatellite markers represent a proven class of genetic markers that have wide use in a variety of plant genetic studies and exhibit several advantages when compared to other DNA-based marker systems. Due to their successful use for genetic analysis in a number of plant species, the availability of such markers for the genus Poa (Poaceae) would be advantageous. We describe the release of 46 informative microsatellite primer pairs from an unenriched Poa arachnifera Torrey (Texas bluegrass) genomic library. Most of the P.arachnifera microsatellite primer pairs amplify a single amplification product and are highly informative, exhibiting PIC values ranging from 0.38-0.78. An evaluation of the markers across P. pratensis, P. sceunda, P. arida, P. alpina, P. labillardieri, P. ligularis, P. rodawayi suggest a wider application across the genus. The availability of these informative microsatellite markers should serve a valuable role in the analysis and construction of genetic linkage maps and future marker assisted selection projects. The application of these markers in seed purity, seed certification and enforcement of cultivar protection are also discussed.