P0068 Transcriptomic Study of a New Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulator Sedum plumbizincicola by Second Generation Sequencing

Jiming Gong , Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, SIBS CAS, Shanghai, China
Sedum plumbizincicola is a new Cd2+ hyperaccumulator found in East China, which distributes uniquely in ancient mining areas, grows fast and possesses relative large biomass. Cd2+ contents in Sedum P. shoots could reach 6000mg/kg DW without any decrease in growth, indicating it could be applied for efficient phytoextraction to clean up soil pollutions, or used as a model plant to investigate the underlying mechanisms of hyper-tolerance to and accumulation of Cd2+. Though one technical challenge is the genetic background of this species remains unidentified, and most challenging is that genetic operation is impossible at present. Fast developing technologies shed a light to tackle these challenges. By combining the high throughput 454 and Solexa sequencing, we were able to produce high quality reference sequences and consequently transcriptome of Sedum p. under Cd2+. Further bioinformatics analysis is in progress and the resulted information will be presented and applied to explore unique gene resources from this highly-specialized species.