W161 CITRUSEQ/CITRUSGENN: a Genomic Approach to Citrus Breeding

Date: Saturday, January 14, 2012
Time: 1:50 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 1
Manuel Talon , Centro de Genomica, IVIA, Moncada- Valencia, Spain
Javier Terol , Centro de Genomica IVIA, Moncada, Spain
Francisco R Tadeo , IVIA
Victoria Ibaņez , IVIA
Juan V Muņoz , IVIA
Leandro Hueso , IVIA
Jose M. Colmenero-Flores , IRNAS (CSIC)
Roberto Alonso , FCV CIPF
Jose Carbonell , FCV CIPF
Ana Conesa , FCV, Valencia, Spain
Joaquin Dopazo , FV CIPF
CITRUSEQ/CITRUSGENN is a public-private consortium comprised of nine mayor institutions ANECOOP, ICCSA, Centro Principe Felipe, IRNASE, Fundacion RuralCaja, IVIA, GCM, SNFL-Source Citrus Genesis, and Eurosemillas, aimed to provide scientific knowledge to develop genomics and biotechnological tools to facilitate the generation and selection of new lines and varieties of citrus. Activities in this initiative are centered in the sequencing of citrus varieties and rootstocks and the identification of genes, markers and alleles related to citrus fruit quality, production and tolerance to environmental adverse conditions. This goal is supported by complementary strategies including the translational identification of genes of potential agricultural interest. Further developments will involve the identification of variants of genes with agronomic interest in citrus and subsequently the technological application of this information through the use of genotyping “chips” and genotyping by sequencing platforms on segregating populations. Ongoing and new breeding programs have been included in the project to provide source material for these analyses. In this communication the efforts we are developing in several areas of citrus genomics will be revised and an overview of current progress and results will be presented.