P0987 GMOD in the Cloud

Scott Cain , Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Medina, OH
With decreasing costs of sequencing technology there is an increasing need for computing resources and tools to work with the data. An alternative to building and maintaining a large computing infrastructure in-house is to use existing networked computing systems (“cloud computing”) to make use of preconfigured and extensible servers. Here we present several efforts implementing GMOD software tools using Amazon Web Services. First, a GBrowse2 server has been prepared with options for importing available data from Amazon storage (EBS) for several common organisms and well as tools for creating additional rendering servers as needed to improve the responsiveness of the website. Next, a community annotation server is available with Chado, GBrowse2, JBrowse and Tripal to facilitate taking computational annotations (for instance from MAKER) and making them available to interested users in the community to review and improve upon. Additionally there are two data analysis cloud images: one for sequence annotation based on GMOD tools called CloVR, and a cloud implementation of Galaxy called Cloudman.