P0906 Take the Lab to the Field with Portable Sample Processor and DNA Stabilization Technologies

Nikolas Isely , Zymo Research Corp., Irvine, CA
Marc Van Eden , Zymo Research
Xi Yu Jia , Zymo Research Corp., Irvine, CA
With the increased focus of research on the effects of global climate change and anthropogenic perturbations on the environment, it is becoming more important to collect and process samples for molecular analysis in remote locations.  Working in the field presents several challenges including sample processing and nucleic acid stabilization.  Historically it has been necessary to transport bulky and expensive equipment into the field to process and preserve samples.  To address these challenges, those at Zymo Research have developed a hand-held, portable bead beating device, the Xpedition™ Sample Processor (XSP) and a unique Lysis/Stabilization Solution.  Following sample processing at the site of collection, DNA is preserved in the lysates for extended periods (>6 months) without the need for refrigeration.  The samples can then be transported for convenient isolation of the DNA at a later time.    Here we present stabilization data demonstrating the high integrity of DNA when stored at room temperature for extended periods in complex lysates.   DNA isolated from tough-to-lyse fungus, plants, animal tissue, and organisms in soil, sludge, and feces is inhibitor-free and ideal for many downstream applications including PCR/qPCR, metagenomics, DNA barcoding, etc.