P0104 Validation of VERSA Mini NGLP for Automated Library Preparation with the Illumina Platform

Matthew J. Nesbitt , Aurora Biomed, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Matthew E. Kaplan , University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Dong Liang , Aurora Biomed Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Advances in next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have resulted in significant reductions in sequence acquisition costs. This has facilitated the use of NGS in new settings such as small research groups, contract research organizations, and clinics. Widespread adoption of NGS is quickly approaching in spite of the lack of standardized library preparations. The high number of repetitive sample manipulations needed for this task both increase sample preparation costs and sample-to-sample variation. These problems are solved by the implementation of reproducible liquid handling automation systems. In collaboration with the University of Arizona, Aurora Biomed (Vancouver, BC, Canada) has validated the VERSA Mini NGLP workstation for reliable and consistent automation of Illumina library preparations. Accurate and variable speed liquid handling offered by the dual SyringePipettor manifold allows for efficient enzymatic reaction setup and highly precise DNA wash and elution procedures. The dispense-only ReagentDrop™ clusters provide a quick and contamination-free method of purifying sample DNA. Additionally, 3rd party reagents are supported by the open platform and flexible software. This platform offers highly parallel sample processing and flexibility for user customization.