P0136 Amplification of DNA from plant and animal tissues without DNA purification using Direct PCR

Nico Tuason , Clontech Laboratories, Inc., Mountain View, CA
Preparation of genomic DNA for plant and animal genotyping experiments is both costly and time-consuming. The multi-step process required for DNA extraction and purification entails tissue preparation, cell lysis, and numerous buffer exchanges that reduce overall yields. Direct PCR omits these steps and vastly simplifies genotyping from source material, by allowing PCR amplification directly from animal and plant tissues. Terra PCR Direct polymerase mixes and kits are optimized for amplifying templates up to 2kb and 70% GC-content directly from crude extracts or whole tissues, with high yields and specificity. The simple Terra Direct protocol has been successfully used to amplify genomic DNA from a variety of tissues, including those of agricultural crops and live stock.