P0503 Genomic Resource Development for Fragaria iinumae a Second Diploid Ancestor to the Octoploid, Cultivated Strawberry

Lise Mahoney , University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
Dan Sargent , FEM-IASMA, San Michele all'Adige, Italy
Stephen Ficklin , Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Hailong Zhang , University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
Thomas M. Davis , University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
The cultivated strawberry, Fragaria x ananassa, and its immediate ancestors F. chiloensis and F. virginiana, are octoploids (2n=8x=56). The subgenome composition(s) of the octoploid species have yet to be fully determined. An abundance of evidence indicates that at least one of the octoploids’ subgenome types is derived from a diploid ancestor that resembles contemporary diploid Fragaria vesca. On this basis, the strawberry genomics community has adopted F. vesca as a model species. Transformation systems and linkage maps have been developed for F. vesca, and the genomic sequence of F. vesca subsp. vesca 'Hawaii 4' was published in early 2011. In recent years, phylogenetic and other evidence has accumulated implicating another diploid species, F. iinumae, as a second subgenome contributor to the octoploid strawberries. We are developing germplasm and genomic resources for F. iinumae, including high throughput genomic sequence data, molecular markers, and the first F. iinumae linkage mapping population. The status of knowledge and resource development in F. iinumae will be described.