P0177 Miniaturized Genotyping Reactions with the EchoŽ Liquid Handler

Howard Lee , Labcyte Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Celeste Glazer , Labcyte Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Randy Dyer , Labcyte Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Joe Barco , Labcyte Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Sammy Datwani , Labcyte Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Advances in miniaturization of genotyping assays have tremendously improved reaction throughput, but not without challenges. Efforts to reduce reagent costs and decrease sample volume requirements have led to higher risks for variability, cross-contamination and additional validation of detection equipment. Tipless, touchless transfers with the Echo liquid handler eliminate the need for costly disposable tips, wash cycles and greatly simplifies assay development efforts. Precise and accurate drop placement eliminates cross-contamination, while offering the flexibility to transfer from any well of a source plate to any well of a destination plate. This work highlights the ability to transfer nanoliter quantities of PCR reagents for 384-well genotyping analysis utilizing the LightCyclerŽ 480 system.