P0005 Accelerating NGS Workflow by Integrating an Automated, High Throughput Fragment Analyzerô for the Analysis of Genomic DNA and NGS Libraries

Deepak Dibya , Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc., Ames, IA
Jeremy Kenseth , Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc., Ames, IA
Steve Siembieda , Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc., Ames, IA
Advances in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies have ushered in a new era of genomics, producing sequencing data at an ever increasing pace.  Common to most of these NGS technologies is the preparation of DNA libraries, which includes quality & quantity assessment of the incoming genomic DNA and the downstream fragmented DNA. Library construction has been a limiting bottleneck in NGS analysis, due in part to the manual steps associated with chip based or slab-gel based DNA quality/quantity analysis.  This necessitates a more automated and increased throughput analysis technology to reduce bottlenecks in the NGS workflow. Reported herein are recent developments for qualifying and quantifying both genomic DNA and NGS libraries on a parallel capillary electrophoresis platform with LED-based fluorescence detection (Fragment Analyzer™). The system offers a more streamlined workflow, higher automation and lower per run costs compared to traditional methods. This poster will discuss the results of samples from different sources (intact gDNA and sheared NGS DNA libraries) evaluated with the Fragment Analyzer™ and comparison of the results to traditional analysis methods. Advantages in terms of sensitivity, dynamic range, sizing and analysis time will also be presented. Results indicate good agreement with the expected concentration and sizing of genomic DNA and NGS libraries. The Fragment Analyzer™ platform offers rapid and accurate quality/quantity check of both genomic DNA and NGS libraries on a completely automated, low-to-high throughput platform to augment NGS workflows for genomic research.