P0002 Sample Quality Control within various Next Generation Sequencing workflows using the new Agilent 2200 TapeStation System

Donna McDade Walker , Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Albert Lee , Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Jospeh Ong , Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Eric Lin , Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Marcus Gassmann , Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Melissa Huang Liu , Agilent Technologies, Inc., La Jolla, CA
This study evaluates the performance of the 2200 TapeStation System in various Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows.  Numerous sample types were checked for quality at different stages of various NGS protocols including pre- and post-shearing, post adaptor ligation as well as pre-hybridisation and post-hybridisation within the SureSelect target enrichment workflow.  The data shows that this new automated electrophoresis system provides qualitative information that enables informed decision making in all downstream steps.  By providing a range of ScreenTape consumables with standard and high sensitivities along with a tailored analysis package, the system is able to QC gDNA, fragmented DNA, whole genome libraries and target enriched libraries, presenting descriptive analyses at each stage for multiple sequencer protocols.  The data described here demonstrates that the 2200 TapeStation System has the range, sensitivity, precision and accuracy to meticulously QC samples within the NGS workflow.