Transitioning from low throughput genotyping with molecular markers to high throughput plant genotyping for marker assisted breeding and seeds trueness-to type

Date: Monday, January 16, 2012
Time: 6:10 PM
Room: Sunset
Darush Struss , East West Seed , Chaing Mai, Thailand
Across the biotech horizon, global customers demand high quality, flexible laboratory processes at ever-increasing throughput rates, while economic realities require lower cost per data point. Often times, new and innovative technologies are required for highly productive, economical processing solutions. Join Dr Darush Struss , Biotechnology Research Manager at East West Seeds, to learn how to transition from low throughput traditional breeding practices to higher throughput molecular assisted breeding. The case study highlights the Douglas Scientific Array Tape Platform, addresses increasing data return, decreasing rework, cost savings due to miniaturized reaction volumes and the importance of a scalable solution.