P0183 Customized, large-scale SNP analysis for diagnostic DNA markers of complex traits

Martina Schad , OakLabs GmbH, Hennigsdorf, Germany
Jim Kallarackal , OakLabs GmbH, Hennigsdorf, Germany
DNA markers are of great importance for breeding and are capable to predict traits at early developmental stages.
SNPs are the favorable DNA marker types in breeding programs as their frequent occurence hold the potential to encode various traits.


To take advantage of marker based breeding methods, the marker-trait-associations need to be reliable. Diagnostic DNA markers for monogenic traits are successfully employed in current breeding programs. However, contemporary diagnostic DNA markers for complex traits such as yield and taste are too unreliable to be of the breeder's benefit.


OakLabs closes this lack and opens up the possibility to utilize smart breeding methods for complex traits. Our technology allows to genotype up to several hundred thousand of user-defined SNPs and combine this with our powerful dedicated  algorithms. As a consequence we obtain diagnostic DNA markers that can be used to predict complex traits with highest reliability.

We have no requirement for a minimum purchase order for our flexible high-throughput SNP platform and therefore allowing its utilization in a broad range of applications where user-defined SNPs are to be analysed.

OakLabs is an innovative company with expertise in microarray applications as well as high performance computing. We develop innovative technologies and powerful algorithms  for highest efficiency.