Daniel Ciobanu(University of Nebraska - Lincoln) and Zhihua Jiang(Washington State University)
Date: Saturday, January 14, 2012
Time: 1:30 PM-6:00 PM
Room: Royal Palm Salon 1-2
1:30 PM
Whole Genome Re-sequencing of Pigs and Wild Boar Reveals Unexpected Signatures in Variation Related to Biogeography, Domestication, and Hybridization
Hendrik-Jan Megens, Wageningen University, Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre; Greger Larson, Durham University; Richard Crooijmans, Wageningen University, Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre; Leif Andersson, Uppsala University; Carl-Johan Rubin, Uppsala University; Laurent Frantz, Wageningen University, Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre; Lawrence B. Schook, University of Illinois ; Martien Groenen, Wageningen University, Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre

1:50 PM
Identification of QTLs and Genes Related to Immune Response to Poly (I:C) Stimulation in a Duroc-Erhualian F2 Pig Population
Xiangdong Liu, Huazhong Agricultural University; Jing Huang, Huazhong Agricultural University; An-Jing Xiang, Huazhong Agricultural University; Mengjin Zhu, Huazhong Agricultural University; Shijun Li, Huazhong Agricultural University ; Qin Zhang, China Agricultural University; Zhenfang Wu, Huanan Agricultural University; Shu-Hong Zhao, Huazhong Agricultural University

2:10 PM
Genome-Wide Association of a Novel Porcine Stress-Syndrome to Dystrophin
Dan Nonneman, USDA, ARS, USMARC; Tami Brown-Brandl, USDA, ARS, USMARC; Shuna A. Jones, USDA, ARS, USMARC; Ralph T. Wiedmann, USDA, ARS, USMARC; Gary A. Rohrer, USDA, ARS, USMARC

2:30 PM
Non-coding RNA Expression and Function in Pig Reproductive Tissues
Cai-Xia Yang, Iowa State University; Elane C. Wright, Iowa State University; Zhi-Qiang Du, Iowa State University; Max F. Rothschild, Iowa State University; Jason Ross, Iowa State University

2:50 PM
Genomic Selection in Pigs: Are We There Yet ?
Nader Deeb, Genus plc; Matthew Cleveland, Genus plc; Selma Forni, Genus plc

3:10 PM
Larry Schook, University of Illinois: Updates On Swine Genome Sequencing

3:40 PM

3:50 PM
Max Rothschild, Iowa State University: NRSP-8 Swine Coordination Report

4:00 PM
James Reecy, Iowa State University: NRSP-8 Bioinformatics Coordination Report

4:10 PM
NRSP-8 Administrative Reports

4:20 PM
NRSP-8 Swine Committee Station Reports

5:00 PM
NRSP-8 Officer Elections

5:10 PM
Joan Lunney, USDA-BARC: Update and Discussion on PRRS Host Genetics Consortium (discussion may continue up to 7 PM)

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