Luca Comai(UC Davis) and Jonathan F. Wendel(Iowa State University)
Date: Saturday, January 14, 2012
Time: 3:50 PM-6:00 PM
Room: Golden West
Luca Comai and Jonathan F. Wendel
3:50 PM
Origin and Diversification of Polyploid and Hybrid Plants
Michael S. Barker, University of Arizona

4:10 PM
Differences between the subgenomes of ancient polyploids
James C. Schnable, University of California-Berkeley; Michael Freeling, University of California-Berkeley

4:30 PM
Have Ancient Genome Duplications Contributed to Novel Trait Evolution in the Brassicales?
M. Eric Schranz, University of Amsterdam; Johannes A. Hofberger, University of Amsterdam; Erik van den Bergh, University of Amsterdam; Setareh Mohammadin, University of Amsterdam; Patrick Edger, University of Missouri; J. Chris Pires, University of Missouri

4:50 PM
Functional diversity and novelty with varying ploidy in wheat
Boulos Chalhoub, URGV (INRA-CNRS-UEVE)

5:10 PM
Tales of a successful hybrid: retracing the steps of the natural allopolyploid A suecica
Isabelle Henry, UC Davis; Brian P. Dilkes, Purdue University; Anand Tyagi, University of the South Pacific; Jennifer Monson-Miller, UC Davis; Brian Christensen, University of Washington; Brian Waston, UC Davis; Luca Comai, UC Davis

5:30 PM
From atoms to genomes: fitness tradeoffs between polyploidy and potassium limitation in A. thaliana
Daiyin Chao, University of Aberdeen; Brian P. Dilkes, Purdue University; Elena Yakubova, Purdue University; Brett Lahner, Purdue University; David Salt, University of Aberdeen

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