Organellar Genetics

Pal Maliga(Rutgers University)
Date: Sunday, January 15, 2012
Time: 10:20 AM-12:30 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 6-7 (2nd Floor)
Pal Maliga
10:20 AM
Introduction (Pal Maliga)

10:40 AM
Identification of Fertility Restorers for S Male-Sterile Maize: Beyond PPRs
Christine Chase, University of Florida; Rosalind Williams-Carrier, University of Oregon; Alice Barkan, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403, USA.; Michelle Feole, University of Florida; L. Curtis Hannah, University of Florida; Liming Zhao, ARS-USDA; Terry L. Kamps, SUNY-Oswego; Susan Gabay-Laughnan, University of Illinois

11:00 AM
Tissue-Specific Organelle DNA Degradation Mediated by DPD1 Exonuclease
Wataru Sakamoto, Okayama University, Institute of Plant Science and Resources

11:20 AM
11:40 AM
Small Genome and Complex Transcriptome: RNA-seq Analysis of Chloroplast Transcription
Petya Zhelyazkova, Institute for Biology (Genetics), Humboldt-University Berlin; Cynthia M. Sharma, Research Center for Infectious Diseases, University of Würzburg; Konrad Förstner, Institute for Molecular Infection Biology, University of Würzburg; Karsten Liere, Institute for Biology (Genetics), Humboldt-University Berlin; Jörg Vogel, Institute for Molecular Infection Biology, University of Würzburg; Thomas Börner, Institute for Biology (Genetics), Humboldt-University Berlin

12:00 PM
12:20 PM
Exploiting Natural Nucleic Acid Trafficking Pathways to Manipulate the Mitochondrial Genetic System
Andre Dietrich, CNRS & Universite de Strasbourg; Romain Val, CNRS & Universite de Strasbourg; Eliza Wyszko, Polish Academy of Sciences; Maciej Szymanski, Polish Academy of Sciences; Anne Cosset, CNRS & Universite de Strasbourg; Daria Mileshina, CNRS & Universite de Strasbourg; Adnan Khan Niazi, CNRS & Universite de Strasbourg; Noha Ibrahim, CNRS & Universite de Strasbourg; Jan Barciszewski, Polish Academy of Sciences; Frederique Weber-Lotfi, CNRS & Universite de Strasbourg

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