SSWAP: Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol

iPlant's Semantic Web Platform enables your users to transform data through successive web services offered anywhere on the web. This workshop is aimed at technology implementors and scientists interested in learning about new web technology implementations in the plant sciences. In this workshop we shall learn how to:


1. Discover semantic web services from a web site

2. Build pipelines of web services with a web browser

3. Use the HTTP API (Application Programming Interface) to describe and offer a semantic web service

4. Use the Software Development Kit (SDK) and Java API to build a semantic web service

iPlant's Semantic Web Platform uses SSWAP (Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol)--a free, open source semantic web protocol--to enable to description, discovery, invocation, and response of semantic web services. The platform is the first production platform of its kind to use just-in-time, on-demand reasoning to "reason" over semantic web services using the W3C-sanctioned web ontology language OWL.

Damian Gessler(University of Arizona)
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: California
Damian Gessler
1:30 PM
The iPlant Collaborative Semantic Web Platform
Damian Gessler, University of Arizona

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