Perennial Grasses

Pamela Ronald(University of California Davis) , Christian Tobias(USDA-ARS) and Shing Kwok(USDA-NIFA)
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Time: 3:50 PM-6:00 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 2
Christian Tobias
Christian Tobias , Shing Kwok and Pamela Ronald
4:10 PM
Insights into Switchgrass Genome Structure and Organization
Manoj K. Sharma, University of California Davis; Rita Sharma, University of California Davis; Peijian Cao, Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute; Jerry Jenkins, HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology; Laura Bartley, University of Oklahoma; Jane Grimwood, HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology; Jeremy Schmutz, HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology; Pamela Ronald, Joint BioEnergy Institute

4:50 PM
5:10 PM
Characterization of the Genetic Diversity of Switchgrass Using Genotyping by Sequencing
Fei Lu, Cornell University; Alexander E. Lipka, Cornell University; Robert J. Elshire, Cornell University; Jeff Glaubitz, Cornell University; Jerome Cherney, Cornell University; Michael Casler, USDA-ARS; Edward S. Buckler, USDA-ARS; Denise Costich, Cornell University

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