iPlant Collaborative

This workshop will showcase cyberinfrastructure and resources developed by the iPlant Collaborative.  It will feature presentations by scientists who have used iPlant cyberinfrastructure to aid their research and also a hands-on demonstration of how to use the iPlant Discovery Environment to perform an analytical workflow on RNA-seq data.

Register for an iPlant user account if you intend to follow along in the hands-on demonstration at the workshop; walk-ins are free to watch or use test accounts if extra computers are available.


Sheldon McKay(Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Time: 10:20 AM-12:30 PM
Room: California
Sheldon McKay
10:20 AM
The iPlant Collaborative
Sheldon McKay, iPlant Collaborative, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Eric Lyons, iPlant Collaborative/University of AZ; Haibao Tang, J. Craig Venter Institute; Nathan Miller, University of Wisconsin; Steven R. Eichten, University of Minnesota; Stephen A. Goff, iPlant Collaborative/Univ. of Arizona; Dan Stanzione, The iPlant Collaborative; Matt Vaughn, iPlant Collaborative

10:50 AM
11:05 AM
Leverage iPlant Computing Resources for Collaborative Genomic Research
Haibao Tang, J. Craig Venter Institute; Konstantinos Krampis, J. Craig Venter Institute

11:20 AM
How to Use the iPlant's Discovery Environment for Your Research
Sheldon McKay, Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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