Golden Helix - Speeding Up the Hunt for Causal Trait Mutations in Cattle and Other Agrigenomic Species

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agriculture Research Service (USDA-ARS) is one of the leading research organizations in plant and animal genetics today. The Bovine Functional Genomics Lab at the USDA, has been pioneering the industry, leading to revolutionary discoveries in breeding, testing, and trait production in cattle. As a Research Geneticist in the group, Dr. Matthew McClure has published several papers on feed efficiency, beef tenderness, and genetic differentiation between breeds using SNP and GWAS studies. His latest work also incorporates next-generation sequencing technologies with an increased focus on the genetic cause of disease in cattle and other animals, including Weaver Syndrome.

In this workshop, Dr. McClure will describe his current research in agrigenomics, the technologies and methods he is using to identify causal mutations for Mendelian and complex traits, and how Golden Helix's SNP & Variation Suite has sped up the pace of discovery. This presentation is sure to be a fascinating look at how the latest advances in genetics are being readily applied to improve the plant and animals sciences.

Jessica Vionas(Golden Helix)
Date: Monday, January 16, 2012
Time: 6:10 PM-8:20 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 3
6:10 PM
Dr. Matthew McClure, USDA-ARS

6:40 PM
Dr. Bryce Christensen, Golden Helix

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