Genome Annotation

Date: Sunday, January 13, 2013
Time: 10:30 AM
Room: California
Sandra Orchard , EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, United Kingdom
Once the initial sequencing, assembly and gene prediction work has been completed, it is then necessary to move on to the next phase of genome annotation, which includes an analysis of the protein coding genes. InterProScan is a widely used tool which allows the classification of a proteome into protein families, which recognizes biologically relevant protein domains, binding and active sites and links to the underlying InterPro database (www.ebi.ac.uk/interpro) to provide more detailed annotation. Where possible, each InterPro entry has been mapped to one or more Gene Ontology terms (www.geneontology.org), and these terms can then be automatically propagated onto the genome, allowing a functional classification using a GO Slim. Additionally, genes (or proteins) can be mapped to pathways using the Reactome curated knowledgebase of biological pathways (www.reactome.org) giving additional information as to the biological processes central to the organism. This presentation will include a tour of these various resources, a brief introduction to their underlying structure and demonstrate how both data and tools can be freely accessed by the potential user.