The Coffea canephora Genome

Date: Sunday, January 13, 2013
Time: 3:50 PM
Room: Sunset
France Denoeud , CEA-Genoscope, EVRY CEDEX, France
We sequenced the genome of Coffea canephora with the following strategy: 29X of 454 reads (23X single end, 6X paired reads of 8 kb and 20 kb)  and 0.2X of BAC ends Sanger sequences were assembled using Newbler. 70X of Solexa reads (7.3X single end, 62.4X pairedend) were then used for assembly correction and gap closure. The final assembly contains 569 Mb, with an N50 (scaffolds) of 1260 kb. We performed an automatic annotation by reconciliating proteic and EST hits, RNA-Seq data integrated into G-Mo-R-Se models, and ab initio predictions, which provided 25574 genes  (with an average of 5.1 exons per gene). This relatively low gene number compared to other plant lineages reflects the fact that the Coffea lineage was less frequently subject to whole genome duplications than other sequenced dicotyledon lineages. Its slow rate of genome evolution makes it a good model for paleogenomics in Asterids. We are presenting the Coffea canephora genome landscape and comparative genome structure analysis.