Genome Technology: High-throughput Methods

Date: Monday, January 14, 2013
Time: 7:00 AM-10:00 PM
Room: Grand Exhibit Hall
Exome Capture Method for Complex Genomes
Jessica R. Kirkpatrick, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Therese Mitros, UC Berkeley; Kankshita Swaminathan, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Megan Hall, UC Berkeley; Matthew E. Hudson, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Katarzyna Glowaca, Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences; Stanislaw Jezowski, Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences; Daniel S. Rokhsar, UC Berkeley; Stephen P. Moose, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Using Targeted Sequencing for the Discovery of Intron Sequences with Baits Derived from Transcriptome Data
Yusuf E Murgha, Biodiscovery-LLC dba Mycroarray; Jean-marie Rouillard, Biodiscovery - LLC dba Mycroarray

Optical Mapping and Nanocoding Systems: Single Molecule Discovery for Genome Assembly and Structural Variation
Shiguo Zhou, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Konstantinos Potamousis, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Steve Goldstein, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mike Place, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mike Bechner, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Prabu Ravindran, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Kristy Kounovsky, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Louise Pape, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Brian Teague, University of Wisconsin-Madison; John Nguyen, University of Southern California; Fusheng Wei, University of Arizona, iPlant Collaborative; Vivek Krishnakumar, J. Craig Venter Institute; Victor Guryev, Hubrecht Institute; Shu Ouyang, Michigan State University; Christopher D. Town, J. Craig Venter Institute; Edwin Cuppen, Hubrecht Institute; Rod A. Wing, Arizona Genomics Institute, University of Arizona; C. Robin Buell, Michigan State University; Jeffrey Kidd, University of Washington-Seattle; Evan Eichler, University of Washington; Michael Waterman, University of Southern California; Juan F. Medrano, University of California-Davis; David C. Schwartz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

40 kb Long-Span, Mate-Pair NGS Library Version 2.0
Rosa Ye, Lucigen Corporation; Svetlana Jasinovica, Lucigen Corporation; Megan Wagner, Lucigen Corporation; Amanda Krerowicz, Lucigen Corporation; Amy Hin-Yan Tong, The University of Hong Kong; Si Lok, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Ronald Godiska, Lucigen Corporation; Michael J. Lodes, Lucigen Corporation; Peter Ladell, Lucigen Corporation; Jason Mayr, Lucigen Corporation; David Mead, Lucigen Corporation; Cheng-Cang Wu, Lucigen Corporation

Low Density Marker Assays (LDMA) for High Throughput, Highly Multiplexed Detection, CNV, Methylation, and Expression Assays
John D Curry, Eureka Genomics; Paul Dier, Eureka Genomics; Maria Shin, Eureka Genomics; Jessica Nguyen, Eureka Genomics; Nadeem Bulsara, Eureka Genomics; R. Mark Thallman, USDA-ARS, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center; Viacheslav Y. Fofanov, Eureka Genomics; Heather Koshinsky, Eureka Genomics

Optimization of TaqMan® Chemistry with the Douglas Array Tape™ Platform for Ultra-High Throughput SNP Genotyping Applications
Ferrier Le, Life Technologies; Satish Rai, Douglas Scientific; Allen Nguyen, Life Technologies; Darren Cook, Douglas Scientific; Junko Stevens, Life Technologies

SNP Genotyping using Affymetrix' Axiom« Genotyping Solution
Michael Shapero, Affymetrix Inc.; Matthew Purdy, Affymetrix; Raj Kurapati, Affymetrix; Jane Law, Affymetrix; Hemin Lee, Affymetrix; Halina Loi, Affymetrix; Devin Nguyen, Affymetrix; Pei-Hua Wang, Affymetrix; Antonita Yan, Affymetrix; Chisou Yu, Affymetrix; Mohsen Shirazi, Affymetrix; Laurent R. Bellon, Affymetrix Inc.

Regulation of Small RNAs by Small Tandem Target Mimic (STTM) in Plants and Animals
Guiliang Tang, Michigan Technological University; Jun Yan, Purdue University; Yiyou Gu, Michigan Technological University; Mengmeng Qiao, Michigan Technological University; Ruiwen Fan, Michigan Technological University; Yiping Mao, Michigan Technological University; Xiaoqing Tang, Michigan Technological University

High PCR Efficiency in Quantitative Real Time and Digital PCR using Fast ID DNA Extraction kit
Pradheep Chhalliyil, Genetic-ID NA INC; Bernd Schoel, Genetic ID NA INC

High-Throughput Production of Randomly Tagged Barcoded BAC Insert End Pairs for Multiplex Illumina Sequencing
Elena Hilario, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited; Marcus Davy, The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research, Ltd; Roy Storey, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research, Ltd.; Richard D. Newcomb, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research, Ltd.; Roger P. Hellens, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research, Ltd.

Identification of Elite Variety Tag SNPs (ETASs) - a New Approach Unraveling Loci Underlying Crop Improvement
Jun Lv, Kunming Institute of Zoology; Shilai Zhang, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Fengyi Hu, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Wen Wang, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Skim Based Genotyping by Sequencing in Complex Crop Genomes
Philipp Emanuel Bayer, University of Queensland; Paul Visendi, Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics; Hong Lee, University of Queensland; Kenneth Chan, University of Queensland; Michał T. Lorenc, Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics; Kaitao Lai, University of Queensland; Jessica Dalton-Morgan, University of Queensland; Yan Long, Huazhong Agricultural University; Jinling Meng, Huazhong Agricultural University; Jacqueline Batley, University of Queensland; David Edwards, University of Queensland

Rye Subgenome Suppression in Triticale: An Insight into Genome Restructuring in Recent Polyploids
Hala Badr Khalil, Ain Shams Ubniversity; Yong Xu, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Michele Frick, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Samar Elzein, Concordia University; Mohammad-Reza Ehdaeivand, Concordia University; AndrÚ Laroche, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Patrick Gulick, Concordia University

Libraries Preparation Automation on a TECAN EVO200
Olivier Bouchez, INRA GeT Genomics Facility; CÚcile Donnadieu, Plateforme Genomique; Gerald Salin, INRA, UMR444 LGC - GeT-PlaGe Genomics Facility; Diane Esquerre, Plateforme Genomique; Cemile Ant, Tecan; David Rodarie, Tecan; Denis Milan, INRA

Using RNA-Seq to Profile Soybean Seed Development from Fertilization to Maturity
Sarah I. Jones, University of Illinois; Lila Vodkin, University of Illinois

A Targeted Resequencing Pipeline Defines Insertion Events for InnateTM Potatoes
Alexi Balmuth, Simplot Plant Sciences; Isabelle Henry, UC Davis; Luca Comai, Plant Biology and Genome Center, UC Davis; Caius Rommens, JR Simplot Company

Analysis of the Transcriptome of Bovine Embryos Obtained from Sex Sorted and Non-Sorted Semen by RNA-Sequencing
Francesco Strozzi, Parco Tecnologico Padano; Rolando Pasquariello, Parco Tecnologico Padano; Paola Ramelli, Parco Tecnologico Padano; Giovanna Lazzari, Avantea; Cesare Galli, Avantea; John Williams, Parco Tecnologico Padano; Daniela Iamartino, Parco Tecnologico Padano

A Systems-Genetics Analysis of Bovine Skeletal Muscle Iron Level
James M. Reecy, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University; James Koltes, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University; Richard G. Tait Jr, Iowa State University; Mary Sue Mayes, Iowa State University; Raluca Mateescu, Oklahoma State University; Dorian J. Garrick, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University; Donald C Beitz, Iowa State University

High-throughput Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS) in Sheep: An Update
Shannon M Clarke, AgResearch Ltd. Invermay Agricultural Centre; Tracey Van Stijn, AgResearch Ltd. Invermay Agricultural Centre; Rudiger Brauning, AgResearch Ltd.; John McEwan, AgResearch Ltd

Methyl-Seq Analysis of d30 Pig Embryos Derived from Sows Feed Restricted During Lactation
Gina Oliver, University of Alberta; Jason Grant, University of Alberta; Jamie M Wilkinson, University of Alberta; Graham Plastow, University of Alberta; Michael Dyck, University of Alberta; Walter Dixon, University of Alberta; George Foxcroft, University of Alberta

Whole Transcriptome Analysis of Porcine Reproductive Tissues from an Iberian × Meishan Extreme F2 Population
Sarai Cˇrdoba, Centre de Recerca en Agrigen˛mica (CRAG); Ingrid Balcells, Centre de Recerca en Agrigen˛mica (CRAG); Gisela Mir, CRAG,CSIC-IRTA-UAB-Universitat de Barcelona; Cristina Ovilo, INIA; JosÚ Luis Noguera, Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia AgroalimentÓries (IRTA); Oriol Timoneda, Centre de Recerca en Agrigen˛mica (CRAG); Armand Sßnchez, Centre de Recerca en Agrigen˛mica (CRAG)

Production of Long (1.5kb – 15.0kb), Accurate, DNA Sequencing Reads using an Illumina HiSeq2000 to Support de novo Assembly of the Blue Catfish Genome
Geoff Waldbieser, USDA - Agricultrural Research Service; Michael Kertesz, Moleculo, Inc.; Dmitry Pushkarev, Moleculo, Inc.; Tim Blauwkamp, Moleculo, Inc.; John Liu, Auburn University

Validation of the VERSA 10 Workstation for Real-Time PCR Setup using cDNA from two Genes of Trout Fish
Sikander Gill, Aurora Biomed Inc.; Rajwant Gill, Aurora Biomed Inc.; Marco Garate, Aurora Biomed Inc.; Dong Liang, Aurora Biomed Inc.

Enabling Cloud and Grid Powered Image Phenotyping
Nirav Merchant, iPlant Collaborative/University of Arizona; Nathan Miller, University of Wisconsin; Kris Kvilekval, University of California Santa Barbara; Edgar Spalding, University of Wisconsin; B.S. Manjunath, University of California Santa Barbara

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