Genome Technology: Other Genome Methodology

Date: Monday, January 14, 2013
Time: 7:00 AM-10:00 PM
Room: Grand Exhibit Hall
Accurate Construction of the Genomic Architecture of Plants and Animals Using the Whole Genome Mapping Technology
Erin Newburn, OpGen, Inc; Bin Zhu, OpGen, Inc; Emily Zentz, Opgen, Inc; Rich Moore, OpGen, Inc.

Direct Selection of Metagenomic DNA from Host DNA
Eileen T. Dimalanta, New England Biolabs; Erbay Yigit, New England Biolabs; George R Feehery, New England Biolabs; Brad Langhorst, New England Biolabs; Lynne Apone, New England Biolabs; Pingfang Liu, New England Biolabs; Daniela Munafo, New England Biolabs; Christine Sumner, New England Biolabs; Joanna Bybee, New England Biolabs; Laurie Mazzola, New England Biolabs; Fiona Stewart, New England Biolabs; Theodore Davis, New England Biolabs; Sriharsa Pradhan, New England Biolabs

Discovering the RNA Transcription Landscape using Directional Approaches
Fiona J. Stewart, New England Biolabs; Daniela B. Munafo, New England Biolabs; Jingmin Jin, New England Biolabs; Larry McReynolds, New England Biolabs; Pingfang Liu, New England Biolabs; Christine J. Sumner, New England Biolabs; Lynne M. Apone, New England Biolabs; Bradley W. Langhorst, New England Biolabs; Erbay Yigit, New England Biolabs; Eileen T. Dimalanta, New England Biolabs; Theodore B. Davis, New England Biolabs; Linfeng Huang, Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School; Judy Lieberman, Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School

Electrophoretic High Molecular Weight DNA Purification for Optical Mapping
Jason Maydan, Boreal Genomics; Matthew Thomas, Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Leyla Tabanfar, Boreal Genomics; Laura Mai, Boreal Genomics; Hau-Ling Poon, Boreal Genomics; Joel Pel, Boreal Genomics; Kristen Hahn, Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Noriko Goji, Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Kingsley Amoako, Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Andre Marziali, Boreal Genomics

A Gene Expression Biomarker Reflects Drought Stress Intensity in Controlled and Natural Environments
Gwenaelle Marchand, INRA LIPM; Baptiste Mayjonade, INRA LIPM; Didier Varès, INRA LIPM; Nicolas Blanchet, INRA LIPM UMR 441-2594; Marie-Claude Boniface, INRA LIPM UMR 441-2594; Pierre Maury, University Toulouse INPT ENSAT UMR1248AGIR; Fety Nambinina Adrianasolo, University Toulouse INPT ENSAT UMR1248AGIR; Philippe Debaeke, INRA, UMR AGIR; Pierre Casadebaig, INRA, UMR AGIR; Joël Piquemal, SYNGENTA; Patrick Vincourt, INRA LIPM; Nicolas Langlade, INRA LIPM

Significant Variation in Number of Genes in the NBS-encoding Gene Family among Inbred Lines and in a Segregating Population of Maize, Zea mays L
Xiaojun Su, Institute of Vegetable Crops,JAAS; Jun Qin, Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops, HAAFS; Meiping Zhang, Texas A&M University; Hongbin Zhang, Texas A&M University

Investigating Alternative Splicing Landscape in Maize - Analysis from B73/Mo17 Hybrids and B73 x Mo17 Recombinant Inbred Line (IBM RIL) Population
Wenbin Mei, University of Florida; Sanzhen Liu, Iowa State University; Eddy Yeh, Iowa State University; Xiao Li, Iowa State University; Nathan M. Springer, University of Minnesota; Patrick S. Schnable, Iowa State University; Brad Barbazuk, University of Florida

Utilization Of Genotyping-by-Sequencing for Genomic Selection in the Kansas State University Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Breeding Program
Trevor Rife, Kansas State University; Clayton Seaman, Kansas State University; Guorong Zhang, Kansas State University; T. Joe Martin, Kansas State University; Jesse Poland, USDA-ARS

Progress toward Precision Genomics in Soybean
Justin E. Anderson, University of Minnesota

Technological Validation of Single Cell Expression Analysis
Cécile Donnadieu, Plateforme Genomique; Jean-José Maoret, INSERM; Frederic Martins, INSERM; Olivier Bouchez, INRA GeT Genomics Facility; Gerald Salin, INRA, UMR444 LGC - GeT-PlaGe Genomics Facility; Denis Milan, INRA

Imputation of Microsatellite Alleles from Dense SNP Genotypes for Parentage Verification Across Multiple Bos taurus and Bos indicus breeds
Matthew McClure, BFGL, ARS-USDA; Tad S. Sonstegard, USDA-ARS-BFGL; George R. Wiggans, AIPL-ARS-USDA; Alison Van Eenennaam, University of California, Davis; Kristina Weber, University of California, Davis; M. Cecilia Penedo, University of California, Davis; Donagh P. Berry, Teagasc; John Flynn, Weatherbys DNA Laboratory; Jose Fernando Garcia, Sao Paulo State University / UNESP; Adriana Santana do Carmo, Deoxi Biotecnologia; Luciana C.A. Regitano, Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste; Milla Albuquerque, Dept of Animal Science, Univ of Sao Paulo; Marcos V. Silva, EMBRAPA Gado de Leite; Mike Coffey, SAC; Kristy Moore, SAC; Marie-Yvonne Boscher, Lobogena; Lucie Genestout, LABOGENA; Raffaele Mazza, AIA - Italian Breeders Association; Jeremy Taylor, Division of Animal Science, University of Missouri; Robert Schnabel, University of Missouri; Marcos Antonio Machado, Centro de Citricultura Sylvio Moreira, IAC; Barry Simpson, GeneSeek, Inc.; John C. McEwan, AgResearch, Invermay Agricultural Centre; Andrew Cromie, Irish Cattle Breeder Federation; Luiz Lehmann Coutinho, ESALQ– USP; Larry A. Kuehn, USDA-ARS, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center; John W. Keele, USDA, ARS, USMARC; Emily Kate Piper, The University of Queensland; Jim Cook, The University of Queensland; Elisa Marques, GeneSeek Inc.; Curtis P. Van Tassell, USDA-ARS-BFGL

Using Rumen Microbiome Profiles to Predict Enteric Methane Production
Elizabeth M. Ross, Department of Primary Industries Victoria; P.J. Moate, Department of Enviroment and Primary Industries; L. Marett, Department of Primary Industries Victoria; Benjamin Cocks, Department of Environment and Primary Industries; Benjamin J. Hayes, Department of Primary Industries Victoria

Effect of Animal Manure in Development of Antibiotic Resistance in Agricultural Land
Udaya DeSilva, Oklahoma State University; Kathryn M Matthews, Oklahoma State University; Xiaoping Guo, Oklahoma State University; Biyagamage Ruchika Fernando, Oklahoma State University

Mapping the Original Sanger Sequencing Reads from “Twilight” to the Reference Equine Genome Assembly they Produced
Ted S. Kalbfleisch, University of Louisville; Jovan D. Rebolledo-Mendez, University of Louisville; Zheng Zeng, University of Kentucky; Matthew S. Hestand, University of Kentucky; Stephen Coleman, University of Kentucky; James N. MacLeod, Department of Veterinary Science, University of Kentucky

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