Cytology, in situ and microcloning

Date: Monday, January 14, 2013
Time: 7:00 AM-10:00 PM
Room: Grand Exhibit Hall
Growth and Gaps in Plant Genome Size Data
Michael Bennett, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens Kew; Ilia J Leitch, Jodrell Laboratory

Development of Single-Copy Gene FISH for Wheat and its Application in Studying Chromosomal Rearrangements in Wild Relatives and Mapping of the Wheat Genome
Tatiana V. Danilova, Kansas State University; Bernd Friebe, Kansas State University; Bikram S. Gill, Kansas State University

Insights into the Taxus baccata Karyotype Based on Conventional and Molecular Cytogenetic Analyses
M.P. Tomasino, University of Tuscia; A. Gennaro, Present address: GMO Unit, European Food Safety Authority; M.C. Simeone, University of Tuscia; B. Schirone, University of Tuscia; C. Ceoloni, University of Tuscia

Cyto-Molecular Tracking of Alien Chromosome Components During the Process of Introgressive Breeding of Cucumber
Qunfeng Lou, Nanjing Agricultural University; Li Jia, Nanjing Agricultural University; Jiali Meng, Nanjing Agricultural University; Jinfeng Chen, Nanjing Agricultural University

Dynamics of CENH3-Mediated Genome Elimination in Early Arabidopsis Embryos
Mohan Prem Anand Marimuthu, Plant Biology, UC Davis/HHMI; Ravi Maruthachalam, Plant Biology, UC Davis; Luca Comai, Plant Biology and Genome Center, UC Davis; Simon Chan, Plant Biology, UC Davis/HHMI

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