Computer Demos 2 - Software

Date: Sunday, January 13, 2013
Time: 3:50 PM-6:00 PM
Room: California
David E. Matthews
3:50 PM
SNP Discovery in Complex Genomes using SGSautoSNP and autoSNPdb
Kaitao Lai, University of Queensland; Michał T. Lorenc, Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics; Chris Duran, University of Melbourne; Satomi Hayashi, University of Queensland; Jiri Stiller, CSIRO Plant Industry; Hong Lee, University of Queensland; Paul Visendi, Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics; Pradeep Ruperao, University of Queensland; Sahana Manoli, University of Queensland; Manuel Zander, University of Queensland; Annaliese S. Mason, University of Queensland; Jacqueline Batley, University of Queensland; David Edwards, University of Queensland

4:05 PM
An Integrated Bioinformatics Framework for Genomic Variants Discovery from Next Generation Sequencing Data
Daniel Cruz, International Center for Tropical Agriculture; Jorge A. Duitama Castellanos, International Center for Tropical Agriculture CIAT; Juan Camilo Quintero, International Center for Tropical Agriculture; Joe Tohme, CIAT

4:20 PM
GDHDF5 - A Genetic Diversity Database Server
Jaroslaw Pillardy, Cornell University; Qi Sun, Cornell University

4:35 PM
GenSAS: Genome Sequence Annotation Server, a Tool for Online Annotation and Curation
Dorrie Main, Washington State University; Taein Lee, Washington State University; Ping Zheng, Washington State University; Sook Jung, Washington State University; Stephen P. Ficklin, Washington State University; Jodi Humann, Washington State University; Jill Wegrzyn, University of California, Davis; David Neale, University of California, Davis

4:50 PM
QTL IciMapping: Integrated Software for Building Linkage Maps and Mapping Quantitative Trait Genes
Jiankang Wang, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science and CIMMYT

5:05 PM
GVCBLUP: A Computing Package for Genomic Prediction and REML Estimation of Variance Components for Additive and Dominance Effects using SNP Markers
Shengwen Wang, Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota; Hakizumwami Birali Runesha, The University of Chicago; Yang Da, Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota

5:20 PM
AISO: Annotation of Image Segments using Ontologies
Nikhil Lingutla, Oregon State University; Justin Preece, Dept. of Botany & Plant Pathology, Oregon State University; Sinisa Todorovic, Oregon State University; Pankaj Jaiswal, Dept. of Botany & Plant Pathology, Oregon State University