Date: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 2
Nils Stein
1:30 PM
MicroRNA172 Regulation of HvAPETALA2 Controls the Extent of Internode Elongation in Barley
Sarah McKim, University of Dundee at the James Hutton Institute; Kelly Houston, The James Hutton Institute; Jordi Comadran, The James Hutton Institute; Arnis Druka, The James Hutton Institute; Robbie Waugh, The James Hutton Institute

1:50 PM
Evolution of Cell Wall-Related Genes in Barley and Their Commercial Applications
Geoff Fincher, University of Adelaide, Waite Campus

2:10 PM
Why Does Wheat Stripe Rust Not Infect Barley?
Andrew M. Dawson, The Sainsbury Laboratory; Jan Bettgenhaeuser, The Sainsbury Laboratory; Matthew Gardiner, The Sainsbury Laboratory; Inmaculada Hernández-Pinzón, The Sainsbury Laboratory; Phon Green, The Sainsbury Laboratory; Amelia Hubbard, NIAB; Rosemary A. Bayles, NIAB; Jordi Comadran, James Hutton Institute; Robbie Waugh, James Hutton Institute; Jonathan DG Jones, The Sainsbury Laboratory; Brande B.H. Wulff, The Sainsbury Laboratory; Matthew J. Moscou, The Sainsbury Laboratory

2:30 PM
Allele Mining Using the Barley Nested Association Mapping Population HEB-25
Klaus Pillen, Martin-Luther-University Halle; Vera Draba, Martin-Luther-University Halle; Andreas Maurer, Martin-Luther-University Halle; Florian Schnaithmann, Martin-Luther-University Halle; Stefanie Pencs, Martin-Luther-University Halle; Doris Kopahnke, Julius Kuehn Institute (JKI); Bianca Buettner, Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture; Guenther Schweizer, Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture; Frank Ordon, Julius Kuehn Institute (JKI); Erika Schumann, Martin-Luther-University Halle

2:50 PM
The Triticeae Coordinated Agricultural Project: Connecting Genotypes to Phenotypes
Gary Muehlbauer, University of Minnesota; Liana Nice, University of Minnesota; Maria Muñoz-Amatriain, University of Minnesota; Patrick M. Hayes, Oregon State University; Alfonso Cuesta-Marcos, Oregon State University; Robbie Waugh, James Hutton Institute; Joanne Russell, James Hutton Institute; Jordi Comadran, James Hutton Institute; Harold Bockelman, USDA-ARS; Shiaoman Chao, USDA-ARS; Gina Brown-Guedira, USDA/ARS PSR; J. Michael Bonman, USDA-ARS; Brian J. Steffenson, University of Minnesota; Kevin P. Smith, University of Minnesota

3:10 PM
Status of the Map-Based Sequencing of the Barley Genome
Axel Himmelbach, Institute of Plant Genetics & Crop Plant Research

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