Climate Change and ICRCGC 2

International Climate Resilient Crop Genomics Consortium (ICRCGC) organized three international workshops on Climate Change and ICRCGC during the International Conference on the Status of Plant and Animal Genome Research 2012 and 2013. Another International Workshop was also organized with the theme of Genomics and Breeding of Climate Resilient Crops for Future Food Security during the 6th International Crop Science Congress held in Brazil in 2012. In these four workshops, the talks by the speakers focused on the concepts, strategies, tools and techniques of genomics for combating and mitigating the drastic effects of climate change on agriculture followed by comprehensive discussions. The ICRCGC members have almost completed the draft of a White Paper for publication in a leading journal. We believe, it is high time now for formulation of a precise plan of action for collaborative research and extension to employ genomics and breeding for developing climate smart crop varieties. For this purpose, during the two workshops to be held during the International Conference on the Status of Plant and Animal Genome Research at San Diego, CA on January 11 (4:00 6:10 PM) and January 12 (1:30 3:40 PM), 2014, we will have comprehensive deliberations among members of ICRCGC and the scientists from public and private sectors and funding agencies, and also policy makers to prepare a template for submitting grant proposals.
Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 2
Chittaranjan Kole
David Edwards and Robert Henry
2:10 PM
Enhancing Drought Tolerance in the Climate Resilient Legume Cowpea
Philip A. Roberts, Department of Nematology, University of California - Riverside

2:50 PM
QTL Stacks in Soybean for a Warming Planet: SDS Resistance
David A. Lightfoot, Southern Illinois University

3:10 PM
Nutrient Cycling in the Rhizosphere, an Important Consideration for Carbon Sequestration in Trees
Leland J. Cseke, The University of Alabama in Huntsville; Frank R. Collart, Argonne National Laboratory; Alistair Rogers, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Stan D. Wullschleger, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Stephen Barnes, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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