Evolution of Genome Size

Date: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Time: 8:00 AM-10:10 AM
Room: Golden West
Daniel G. Peterson
8:00 AM
A Complex Interplay Between Genes and Transposons within the Maize Genome
Nathan M. Springer, University of Minnesota; Qing Li, University of Minnesota; Steven R. Eichten, University of Minnesota; Matt Vaughn, Texas Advanced Computing Center; Damon Lisch, University of California, Berkeley

8:25 AM
MNase Profiling of the Chromatin Landscapes in the Maize Genome
Hank Bass, Florida State University; Daniel L. Vera, Florida State University; Thelma F. Madzima, Florida State University; Jonathan D. Labonne, Florida State University; Parwez W. Alam, Florida State University; Gregg G. Hoffman, Florida State University; Senthil B. Girimuragan, Florida State University; Jinfeng Zhang, Florida State University; Jonathan H. Dennis, Florida State University; Karen M. McGinnis, Florida State University

8:50 AM
Assembly of the Norway Spruce Genome and Insights into Evolutionary History of Gymnosperm Genomes
Nathaniel R. Street, Umeň Plant Science Center, Umeň University

9:15 AM
Interplay Between Transposable Elements and PIWI Interactitng RNAs Among Laurasiatherian Mammals
Michael W. Vandewege, Mississippi State University; Roy N. Platt, Mississippi State University; David A. Ray, Texas Tech University; Federico G. Hoffmann, Mississippi State University

9:40 AM
Re-Annotation of the Trichomonas vaginalis  Genome; Its all about Maverick
Daniel D. Ence, Eccles Institute of Human Genetics; Claudia P. Marquez, University of Texas at Arlington; Ellen J. Pritham, Eccles Institute of Human Genetics; Mark Yandell, Eccles Institute of Human Genetics

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