Genomic Selection and Genome-Wide Association Studies

Genomic Selection and Genomewide Association Studies (GS+GWAS) are promising areas where genomics technologies are well integrated into plant and animal improvement practices. The great interest in these areas has been clearly demonstrated by the rapid surge of journal publications and citations in plants and animals. A set of pioneering research have established the theoretical foundation of GS+GWAS in crops and animals. Array-based genotyping has also been established in many crop and animal species, facilitating the application of GS in plant and animal improvement. More recently, Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS) significantly reduced the cost of genotyping, making regular GS of complex traits possible in many research programs. Besides embedding prediction procedure in the actual breeding populations, various other applications of GS include cultivar/inbred/individual performance prediction, hybrid combination prediction, parental selection, germplasm utilization, across environment prediction, and wild introgression. While thousands of GWAS have been reported in human genetics, research in plant and animals is still very limited. The dramatic increase of sequencing capacity, combined with the development of high throughput phenotypic technologies, would eventually make it feasible to conduct routine GWAS in plants and animals. The audience of this workshop will be plant (field crops, vegetables, and trees) and animal breeders, geneticists (genomics + quantitative genetics + population genetics), physiologists, statisticians, bioinformatics and computer scientists. Frequently used terms include GS, GWAS, GBS, MAS, MARS, QTL mapping, modeling fitting, cross-validation, Bayesian, BLUP, mixed model, ridge regression, population structure, kinship, genetic relationship, SNP, haplotype, breeding cycle, and genetic gain.
Date: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Town and Country
Jianming Yu and Dorian J. Garrick
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks

1:35 PM
Genomic Prediction Strategy and Applications
Jack Dekkers, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University

2:00 PM
Genome-Wide Assocation Studies (GWAS) in Crops
Bin Han, National Center for Gene Research,SIBS,CAS

2:25 PM
Genome Wide Association using Imputed Sequence Data in Dairy Cattle with the 1000 Bull Genomes Project Data Set
Ben Hayes, Biosciences Research, DEDJTR; Hans Daetwyler, Department of Primary Industries (Victoria); Aurélien Capitan, INRA; Hubert Pausch, Chair of Animal Breeding - Technische Universität München; Paul Stothard, University of Alberta, Edmonton; Lesley Gray, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria 3086, Australia; Ruedi Fries, Chair of Animal Breeding - Technische Universität München; Bernt Guldbrandtsen, Aarhus University; Mogens S Lund, Aarhus University; Didier A. Boichard, INRA UMR1313 Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology; Roel F. Veerkamp, Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre, Wageningen UR Livestock Research; Curtis P. VanTassell, Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory, USDA-ARS; Erik Mullaart, CRV, Arnhem, Netherlands; Birgit Gredler, Qualitas AG; Tom Druet, Unit of Animal Genomics, GIGA , University of Liege; Alessandro Bagnato, Università degli Studi di Milano; Johanna Vilkki, MTT Agrifood Research Finland; DJ deKoning, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden; Phil Bowman, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia; Amanda Chamberlain, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia

2:50 PM
Genomic Selection on Novel Variation
Jean-Luc Jannink, USDA-ARS / Cornell University; Hsiao-Pei Yang, Cornell University

3:15 PM
Genomic Variance Estimation Based on Genotyping-by-Sequencing with Different Coverage in Perennial Ryegrass
Bilal H. Ashraf, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University; Dario Fè, Aarhus University; Just Jensen, Aarhus University; Stephen Byrne, Aarhus University; Torben Asp, Aarhus University; Morten Greve-Pedersen, DLF-TRIFOLIUM A/S; Ingo Lenk, DLF-TRIFOLIUM A/S; Christian Sig Jensen, DLF-TRIFOLIUM A/S; Luc L. Janss, Aarhus University

3:35 PM
Concluding Remarks

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