Genomics of Genebanks

The last few decades have seen an extraordinary growth in genetic data both characterizing the genetic architecture of quantitative trait loci and the structure and evolutionary relationships among entire genomes. Much of the success of these studies can be traced to ready access to the diversity maintained in genebanks. This workshop is intended to consider the opportunities and impediments that come with integration of genomic data that is likely to come from all quarters of global germplasm collections. What are the key resources and analytical approaches that are needed efficiently maintain and mine these collections for important variation? The workshop seeks to explore the relationship between genomic information and the way it can be applied to improving genebank efficiency in ways that anticipate both new uses and new users.
Date: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Time: 10:30 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 1
Christopher M. Richards and Clare Coyne
10:30 AM
Genotyping by Sequencing on a Worldwide Collection of Maize Inbreds, Landraces and Teosintes
Fei Lu, Postdoc research associate; Jeffrey C. Glaubitz, Institute for Genomic Diversity, Cornell University; Edward S. Buckler, Institute for Genomic Diversity, Cornell University

10:50 AM
A Phylogenetic Analysis of the Grape Genus (Vitis L.) Reveals Broad Reticulation and Concurrent Diversification during Neogene and Quaternary Climate Change
Yizhen Wan, College of Horticulture, Northwest A&F University; Heidi Schwaninger, USDA-ARS; Angela M. Baldo, USDA ARS; Joanne A Labate, USDA ARS; Gan-Yuan Zhong, USDA-ARS GGRU; Charles J Simon, USDA ARS

11:15 AM
Exploring the Diversity of Wild Helianthus Germplasm for Ongoing Use in the Improvement of Sunflower
Gregory J. Baute, University of British Columbia; Nolan Kane, University of Colorado; Loren H. Rieseberg, University of British Columbia; Christopher J. Grassa, University of British Columbia; Dan G. Bock, University of British Columbia

11:40 AM
Developments in Genomics: the Genebank Perspective
Theo van Hintum, Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN)

12:05 PM
Genotyping by Sequencing of the Pea PSP Collection
William L. Holdsworth, Cornell University; Peng Cheng, Washington State University; Rebecca McGee, Washington State University; Clare Coyne, USDA ARS; Michael A. Gore, Cornell University; Michael Mazourek, Cornell University

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