Genomics of Non-Classical Model Animals

The workshop deals with genomics of non-classical organsims that can be sources of natural substances or have biological traits of interest that can contribute to human welfare.
Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Time: 10:30 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 4-5 (2nd Floor)
Aaron Avivi
10:30 AM
Anole Lizard Genomes: A Window into Amniote Regeneration and Understanding the Genetic Etiology of Human Musculoskeletal Disorders
Elizabeth D. Hutchins, Arizona State University; Walter L. Eckalbar, Arizona State University; Marc Tollis, Arizona State University; Rebecca E. Fisher, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix; Jeanne Wilson-Rawls, Arizona State University; Kenro Kusumi, Arizona State University

10:55 AM
Enabling the Endangered Mexican Axolotl for Biomedical Research
Melissa Keinath, University of Kentucky; Jeramiah J. Smith, University of Kentucky; S. Randal Voss, University of Kentucky

11:15 AM
Crocodylian Genomics: Unraveling Evolution, Development and Traditional Medicine.
Fiona McCarthy, University of Arizona; Edward L Braun, University of Florida; Toni Gabaldon, Center for Genomic Regulation; Jaime Gongora, University of Sydney; Richard Green, University of California, Santa Cruz; Cathy Gresham, Mississippi State University; Sally R Isberg, Centre for Crocodile Research; Weerachai Jaratlerdsiri, University of Sydney; Colin Kern, University of Delaware; Christopher Moran, University of Sydney; Carl J. Schmidt, University of Delaware; David Ray, Texas Tech University

12:15 PM
Fighting Cancer Underground: Hypoxia Tolerant Spalax Hides the Key for Treatment
Aaron Avivi, Institute of Evolution, Haifa University, Israel

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