International Goat Genome Consortium

Goat breeds, including dairy, meat and fiber breeds, are adapted to a wide range of breeding conditions, and have a large economic impact. Currently, however, they benefit from fewer genomic research tools compared to cattle or sheep. Through the federation of past and future projects, the International Goat Genome Consortium (www.goat.genome.org) aims at the improvement of knowledge of goat genome An update will be made on the projects and results of several international teams will be presented.
Date: Monday, January 13, 2014
Time: 5:00 PM-8:00 PM
Room: Sunrise - Meeting House
Gwenola Tosser-Klopp
5:00 PM
Workshop Introduction
Gwenola Tosser-Klopp, INRA

5:10 PM
Alessandra Stella, PTP Science Park

5:30 PM
Genome Scans for Population Genomics of Small Ruminants: Which SNP for Which Species and Which SNP Density for Which Study?
Badr Benjelloun, LECA - CNRS - INRA.Morocco; Frédéric Boyer, LECA - CNRS - Université de Grenoble 1; Ian Streeter, European Molecular Biology Laboratory; Wahid Zamani, LECA - CNRS - Université de Grenoble 1; Stefan Engelen, CEA - Genoscope; Adriana Alberti, CEA - Genoscope; Mohammed Benbati, INRA-Morocco; Mustapha Ibnelbachyr, INRA-Morocco; Mouad Chentouf, INRA-Morocco; Abdelmajid Bechchari, INRA-Morocco; Abdelkader Chikhi, INRA-Morocco; Laura Clarke, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, European Bioinformatics Institute, Vertebrate Genomics; Pierre Taberlet, LECA - CNRS - Université de Grenoble 1; François Pompanon, LECA - CNRS - Université de Grenoble 1; NextGen Consortium, http://nextgen.epfl.ch/

5:50 PM
The USDA Feed the Future Initiative for Genetic Improvement of African Goats:  an Update on Genomic Resources and Genetic Characterization of Indigenous Breeds
Tad S. Sonstegard, Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory, USDA-ARS; African Goat Improvement Network, USDA-ARS; ASARECA; Cornell; ILRI; NABDA; ISU; VSU; ARC

6:10 PM
Heat Stress in Desert Sheep and Goats: Signatures of Natural Selection and Initiation of GWAS
Ahmed R. Elbeltagy, Animal Production Research Institute; Eui-Soo Kim, Iowa State University; Adel M. Aboul-Naga, Animal Production Research Institute; Barbara Rischkowsky, International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas; Max F. Rothschild, Iowa State University

6:30 PM
Progress in Genomic Analysis of Italian Goat Population
Riccardo Negrini, Associazione Italiana Allevatori; Paola Crepaldi, Department of Veterinary Science and Public Health - University of Milan; Italian Goat Consortium, Diverse Istitution

6:50 PM
GWAS and Genome Resequencing Provide Insights into Polled and Intersex Goats
James Kijas, CSIRO Livestock Industries; Sean McWilliam, CSIRO Agriculture Flagship; Rowan Bunch, CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences; Jiang Yu, CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences; Gwenola Tosser-Klopp, INRA; The International Goat Genome Consortium, www.goatgenome.org

7:10 PM
Conclusion / Discussion
Gwenola Tosser-Klopp, INRA

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