Organellar Genetics

Current research on organellar (chloroplast or mitochondrial) genetics and genomics will be presented and discussed.
Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Time: 10:30 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 6-7 (2nd Floor)
Pal Maliga
10:30 AM
Cell to Cell Movement of Organellar DNA
Pal Maliga, Rutgers University

10:40 AM
The Extent, Mechanisms, and Evolutionary Consequences of Horizontal Gene Transfer Between Plant Mitochondrial Genomes
Jeffrey P. Mower, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kanika Jain, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Nancy Hepburn, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Derek Schmidt, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Ashley Spilker, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

11:00 AM
Gene Families Required for Organelle RNA Editing
Maureen Hanson, Cornell University; Tao Sun, Cornell University; Wade P. Heller, Cornell University; Robert Bukowski, Cornell University; Arianne M. Babina, Cornell University; Julyun Oh, Cornell University; Arnaud Germain, Cornell University; Ludovic Giloteaux, Cornell University; Giulia Friso, Cornell University; Klaas van Wijk, Cornell University; Stephane Bentolila, Cornell University

11:20 AM
Ribonomics of Abundant Chloroplast RNA Binding Proteins
Christian Schmitz-Linneweber, Humboldt University of Berlin; Marlene Teubner, Humboldt University of Berlin; Hannes Ruwe, Humboldt University of Berlin; Ayako Okuzaki, Humboldt University of Berlin

11:40 AM
Genome-Wide Analysis of Translational Dynamics in Chloroplasts
Alice Barkan, University of Oregon; Reimo Zoschke, University of Oregon; Rosalind Williams-Carrier, University of Oregon; Kenneth Watkins, University of Oregon; Kevin McNaught, University of Oregon

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