Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Royal Palm Salon 5-6
Xinwang Wang
1:30 PM
Characterization of Black Spot Resistance in Hybrid Populations of Rosa spp
Qianni Dong, Texas A&M University; David Byrne, Texas A&M University; Kevin Ong, Texas A&M University; Xinwang Wang, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center, Texas A&M University

1:55 PM
Genetic and Genomics-Based Approaches to Elucidate Crop Timing and Quality Traits in Petunia
Ryan Warner, Michigan State University; Krystle Wiegert-Rininger, Michigan State University; Yufang Guo, Michigan State University; Wei-Kuang Lin, Michigan State University; Veronica Vallejo, Michigan State University; Cornelius S. Barry, Michigan State University

2:20 PM
Association Mapping of Black Spot Resistance Genes in Roses
Dietmar Schulz, Leibniz Universitšt Hannover; Rena Schott, Leibniz Universitšt Hannover; Ana Priscilla Montenegro, Leibniz Universitšt Hannover; Dorothee Klostermann, Leibniz Universitšt Hannover; Marcus Linde, Leibniz University of Hannover; Burkhard Spellerberg, Bundessortenamt Hannover; Marinus J.M. Smulders, Wageningen UR Plant Breeding; Thomas Debener, Leibniz Universitšt Hannover

2:45 PM
Transcriptomic Analysis of Crape Myrtle (Lagerstrosmia indica) to Identify Genes Associated with Powdery Mildew Resistance
Xinwang Wang, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center, Texas A&M University; Weibing Shi, Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds; Timothy A. Rinehart, USDA-ARS Southern Horticultural Laboratory

3:10 PM
Linkage Map for Hydrangea macrophylla and Implications for Marker Assisted Selection
Timothy A. Rinehart, USDA-ARS Southern Horticultural Laboratory; Phillip Wadl, U.S. Vegetable Laboratory, USDA-ARS; Dennis J. Werner, North Carolina State University; Brian Scheffler, USDA-ARS Genomics and Bioinformatics Research Unit

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