Perennial Grasses

Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Time: 4:00 PM-6:10 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 2
Malay C. Saha
4:00 PM
Genes and QTLs Controlling Biomass Yield and Composition Traits in Perennial Wildrye
Xuebing Yan, Henan Agriculture University; Lan Yun, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University; Steve Larson, USDA-ARS, Forage & Range Lab; Kevin Jensen, USDA-ARS Forage and Range Research; Calvin Pearson, Colorado State University; Joseph Robins, USDA-ARS, Forage & Range Lab

4:20 PM
Genetic Differentiation, Transcriptome Variation, and Local Adaptation of an Ecologically Dominant Prairie and Bioenergy Grass Andropogon gerardii (big bluestem) Occurring Along the Precipitation Gradient in Midwest U.S. Grasslands
Loretta Johnson, Kansas State University, Division of Biology; Susan Brown, Kansas State University, KSU Bioinformatics Center; Miranda M Gray, Cornell University; Jennifer Shelton, Kansas State University, Bioinformatics Center; Sara G Baer, Southern Illinois University; Brian Maricle, Biology Department,; Nora Bello, Kansas State University, Department of Statistics

5:00 PM
Energy Grasses Genomics & Breeding
Iain Donnison, Aberystwyth University

5:20 PM
Use of Genetic Diversity on SSR Markers to Increase Forage Yield in Timothy (Phleum pratense L.)
Tuneki Tanaka, Kitami Agricultural Experiment Station; Hiroyuki Tamaki, National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science; Kazunori Ashikaga, Kitami Agricultural Experiment Station; Hiroki Fujii, Kitami Agricultural Experiment Station; Ken-ichi Tamura, NARO Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center; Toshihiko Yamada, Hokkaido University

5:40 PM
Reference Genomes for Diploid and Tetraploid Panicum
Jeremy Schmutz, DOE Joint Genome Institute; Jarrod Chapman, DOE Joint Genome Institute; Jerry Jenkins, DOE Joint Genome Institute; Jane Grimwood, DOE Joint Genome Institute; Shengqiang Shu, DOE Joint Genome Institute; Kerrie W. Barry, DOE Joint Genome Institute; Gerald A. Tuskan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Daniel S. Rokhsar, DOE Joint Genome Institute

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