Plant Molecular Breeding

Date: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 3
Zhi-Kang Li , Yunbi Xu and Jinguo Hu
1:30 PM
Toward Cotton Molecular Breeding: Challenges and Opportunities
John Z. Yu, USDA-ARS, Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center; Carla Jo Logan Young, Texas A&M University; Alan E. Pepper, Texas A&M University; Fuguang Li, Institute of Cotton Research of CAAS, China; Shuxun Yu, Institute of Cotton Research, CAAS; Ramesh Buyyarapu, Trait Genetics & Technologies, Dow AgroSciences; Govind C. Sharma, Alabama A&M University; Lori L. Hinze, USDA-ARS, Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center; Richard G. Percy, USDA-ARS, Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center

2:10 PM
Thinking Ahead: Breeding Strategies That Utilize Genomic Data to the Full Extent
Roeland van Ham, KeyGene N.V.; Divya Venepally, Keygene, Inc.

2:30 PM
Identification of Transcript Polymorphisms for Seed Quality Improvement By Exploring Soybean Genetic Diversity
Yong-Qiang (Charles) An, USDA/ARS PGRU; Wolfgang Goettel, USDA-ARS Plant Genetics Research at Danforth Plant Science Center; Robert Upchurch, USDA-ARS, SNFRU; Mingli Wang, USDA-ARS, PGRCU; Eric Xia, University of Illinois; Zongrang Liu, USDA-ARS, AFRS; Pengyin Chen, University of Arkansa

2:50 PM
Marker-Assisted Introgression of a QTL Region to Improve Rust Resistance in Three Elite and Popular Varieties of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Rajeev K Varshney, ICRISAT; Manish K Pandey, ICRISAT; Pasupuleti Janila, ICRISAT; Shyam N Nigam, ICRISAT; Harikishan Sudini, ICRISAT; MVC Gowda, University of Agricultural Sciences; Manda Sriswathi, ICRISAT; T Radhakrishnan, Directorate of Groundnut Research; Surendra S Manohar, ICRISAT; Patne Nagesh, ICRISAT

3:10 PM
SSR-Based Genetic Mapping of QTLs Determining Chilling Requirements for Vegetative Budbreak in the Domesticated Apple, Malus x Domestica (Borkh.) Cultivar ‘Austin’ x ‘Anna’
Paidashe Hove, Agricultural Research Council, Biotechnology Platform; Maria M. Van Dyk, Life Technologies; Iwan F. Labuschagne, Colors Fruit, South Africa; Jasper Rees, Agricultural Research Council

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