Plant Reproductive Genomics

Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: San Diego
Jim Leebens-Mack
1:30 PM
Polarity, Petaloidy and Pollination: The Evolution of Flower Form in a Monocot Model Clade
Chelsea D. Specht, University of California, Berkeley; Ana M.R. Almeida, University of California, Berkeley; Kelsie Morioka, University of California, Berkeley; Roxana Yockteng, University of California, Berkeley

1:55 PM
Specification of Floral Reproductive Organs by the C Function Regulator AGAMOUS in Arabidopsis thaliana
Diarmuid O Maoiléidigh, Trinity College Dublin; Samuel Wuest, Trinity College Dublin; Frank Wellmer, Trinity College Dublin

2:45 PM
Evolution of Floral MADS-Box Genes through Tandem and Whole-Genome Duplications
Philip Ruelens, University of Leuven; Niklas Dochy, University of Leuven; Zhicheng Zhang, University of Leuven; Koen Geuten, University of Leuven

3:10 PM
Ecological Transcriptome with Meteorological Data: Synchronous Flowering of Dipterocarps in Tropical Forests Triggered By Drought
Kentaro K. Shimizu, IEU, University Zurich; Masaki J. Kobayashi, IEU, University Zurich; Yayoi Takeuchi, National Institute for Environmental Studies; Tanaka Kenta, Sugadaira Montane Research Center, University of Tsukuba; Tomonori Kume, National Taiwan University; Bibian Diway, Botanical Research Centre Semenggoh; Masaomi Hatakeyama, IEU, University Zurich; Kevin Kit Siong Ng, IEU, University Zurich; Chowlih Yew, IEU, University Zurich; Mark Robinson, IMLS_University Zurich; Malgorzata Nowicka, IMLS_University Zurich

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