Sugar Cane Sequencing Initiative

Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Royal Palm Salon 1-2
Glaucia Souza , Robert Henry and Ray Ming
1:30 PM
Sequencing BACs to Support a Reference Genome Sequence for Sugarcane Improvement as an Industrial Crop
Van Nam Hoang, University of Queensland; Agnelo Furtado, University of Queensland; Jason Lupoi, University of Queensland; Seema Singh, Joint Bioenergy Instutute; Blake Simmons, Joint Bioenergy Instutute; Karen S. Aitken, CSIRO Agriculture; Robert Henry, University of Queensland QAAFI

1:50 PM
Designing the Energy-Cane: Prospecting Genes and Regulatory Networks in Ancestor and Hybrid Sugarcane Genotypes Using WGS, RNA-Seq and Oligoarrays
Sávio S. Ferreira, Biochemistry Department - University of São Paulo; Milton Yutaka Nishiyama-Junior, Biochemistry Department - University of São Paulo; Pei-Zhong Tang, Life Technologies; Antje Pörtner-Taliana, Life Technologies; Scott Becker, Life Technologies; Glaucia M Souza, Biochemistry Department - University of São Paulo

2:10 PM
Lessons from the Analysis of WGS and RNA-Seq of a Sugarcane Cultivar
Gabriel Rodrigues Alves Margarido, University of São Paulo; Lin Huang, Stanford University; Bob Davidson, Microsoft Research; Milton Y. Nishiyama Junior, University of São Paulo; Glaucia M Souza, Biochemistry Department - University of São Paulo; David Heckerman, Microsoft

2:30 PM
Comparison of Homologous Haplotypes Around the Bru1 Locus Between Saccharum Species and Hybrid
Jisen Zhang, Fujian Agricultural and Foresty University; Ray Ming, University of Illnois at Urbana-Chamapaign; Qingyi Yu, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Lei-Ting Li, Nanjing Agricultural University; Lin Zhu, Jinlin University

2:50 PM
An Update on Sugarcane BAC Sequencing and Analysis
Claudia Vitorello, University of Sao Paulo, Piracicaba SP

3:10 PM
Targeted Sequencing Applied to High-Throughput Genotyping of the Highly Polyploidy Sugarcane Genome
Leandro G Neves, RAPiD Genomics LLC; Alexandre S.G. Coelho, Universidade Federal de Goias; Milena F. Alves, Universidade Federal de Goias; Matias Kirst, University of Florida; Marcio F Resende Jr., University of Florida

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