Systems Genomics

Genome research has entered the era of systems genomics. Differing from genomics that dissects a genome into its constituent fundamental function elements such as genes, DNA transposable elements, retro-transposable elements, etc., and studies them in a isolated manner, systems genomics considers that a genome is a system and studies its constituent fundamental function elements in an integrative and systems manner. Therefore,systems genomics research will provide a molecular basis of systems biology, thus significantly advancing genomics and biology in numerous aspects.
Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Time: 10:30 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Sunrise - Meeting House
Hongbin Zhang and Meiping Zhang
10:50 AM
The Molecular Basis of Plant Polyploidization Revealed by Systems Genome Analysis of Wheat and Related Species
Yang Zhang, Texas A&M University; Meiping Zhang, Texas A&M University; Qijun Zhang, North Dakota State University; Yun-Hua Liu, Texas A&M University; Steven S. Xu, USDA-ARS; Hong-Bin Zhang, Texas A&M University

11:10 AM
Genome-Wide Analysis of Eudicot Species Reveals Lower Duplicability and Higher Network Clustering among Nuclear Encoded Organelle-Related Genes
Lorenzo Carretero-Paulet, University of Buffalo; Pablo Librado, Universitat de Barcelona; David Alvarez-Ponce, Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology; Enrique Ibarra-Laclette, Laboratorio Nacional de Genomica para la Biodiversidad; Luis Herrera-Estrella, LANGEBIO, CINVESTAV; Mario Fares, Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology; Julio Rozas, Universitat de Barcelona; Victor A. Albert, University at Buffalo

11:30 AM
Gene Identification via Phenotype Sequencing: A Tool That Guides Sequencing Based Forward Genetics Studies
Zhongxu Zhu, Zhejiang University; Xin Chen, Zhejiang University, China, People's Republic Of

11:50 AM
Cell Type-Specific Transcriptome of Cruciferous Stigmatic Papilla Cells from a Combination of Laser Microdissection and RNA Sequencing
Masaaki Osaka, Tohoku University; Tomoki Matsuda, Mie University; Satomi Sakazono, Tohoku University; Hiromi Masuko-Suzuki, Tohoku University; Shunsuke Maeda, Tohoku University; Misato Sewaki, Mie University; Mikako Sone, Tohoku University; Hirokazu Takahashi, Nagoya university; Mikio Nakazono, Nagoya university; Megumi Iwano, Nara Institute of Science and Technology; Seiji Takayama, Nara Institute of Science and Technology; Kentaro K. Shimizu, IEU, University Zurich; Kentaro Yano, School of Agriculture, Meiji University; Yong Pyo Lim, Chungnam National University; Go Suzuki, Osaka Kyoiku University; Keita Suwabe, Mie University; Masao Watanabe, Tohoku University

12:10 PM
HRGRN: A Graph Search-Empowered Integrative Database of Arabidopsis Hormone Signaling and Regulatory Networks
Tingsong Liu, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Xinbin Dai, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Jun Li, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Patrick Xuechun Zhao, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

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