LGC Genomics: Marker Assisted Solutions from LGC with guest presentations

From automated high throughput extraction to fast and flexible KASPô genotyping, LGC has been enabling Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) for over a decade. In this workshop, LGC end users who are leaders in the field of marker assisted selection and breeding will discuss their work with LGC tools and provide practical advice.
Date: Monday, January 13, 2014
Time: 6:10 PM-8:20 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 2
Albert Aguilar
6:10 PM
Marker Assisted Solutions from LGC
Niels Kruize, LGC Genomics

6:40 PM
7:40 PM
SNPline Genotyping Platform
Santhosh Chellian, SeedWorks

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