Applied Triticeae Genomics

This workshop in the field of applied Triticeae genomics aims to promote applied research in the Triticeae that uses newly emerging genome sequences and genetic resources of this interesting and important group of plants. Currently technical barriers to exploiting current genomic resources remain high due to the sizes and complexities of Triticeae genomes. Therefore major improvements in genome sequence quality, the development of genetic and functional genomic resources, and creating and applying novel approaches to gene identification and genetic analyses are a high priority. This workshop aims to identify and communicate these advances. The workshop also aims to promote research in the Triticeae, therefore early-stage career scientists are most welcome to talk about their latest work.
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM-10:10 AM
Room: Pacific Salon 4-5 (2nd Floor)
Michael Bevan
8:00 AM
Progress in Wheat Structural Genomics
Daniel S. Rokhsar, DOE Joint Genome Institute; Jarrod Chapman, DOE Joint Genome Institute

8:20 AM
Comparative Analysis of Gene Expression Regulation Among Diploid and Polyploid Wheat Genomes
Matthias Pfeifer, Plant Genome and Systems Biology, Helmholtz Center Munich; Fu-Hao Lu, John Innes Centre; Michael Bevan, John Innes Centre; Klaus F.X. Mayer, Helmholtz Center Munich - Plant Genome and Systems Biology

8:40 AM
Epigenomic Maps of Bread Wheat Chromosome 3B
Aurelie Evrard, INRA UMR 1095 GDEC; Frederic Choulet, INRA GDEC; Etienne Paux, INRA GDEC

9:00 AM
Sequence-Based Map Development of Wheat NAM Populations
Katherine Jordan, Kansas State University; Shichen Wang, Kansas State University; Yanni Lun, Kansas State University; Shiaoman Chao, USDA-ARS; Jorge Dubcovsky, University of California; Jamie Sherman, Montana State University; Alina Akhunova, Kansas State University; Luther Talbert, Montana State University; Eduard Akhunov, Kansas State University

9:20 AM
Tilling for Disease Resistance Genes
Ksenia Krasileva, University of California Davis; Joshua M Hegarty, University of California Davis; Francine Paraiso, University of California Davis; Xiaodong Wang, University of California Davis; Hans Vasquez-Gross, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis; Paul C. Bailey, The Genome Analysis Centre; Sarah Ayling, The Genome Analysis Centre; Cristobal Uauy, John Innes Centre; Jorge Dubcovsky, University of California

10:00 AM
An Integrated Genomic Approach Towards Cloning the Stem Solidness Gene SSt1 in Wheat
Kirby Nilsen, University of Saskatchewan; Yuefeng Ruan, AAFC-SPARC; P.R. MacLachlan, University of Saskatchewan; Raju Datla, National Research Council Canada; Daoquan Xiang, National Research Council Canada; Prakash Venglat, National Research Council Canada; Andrew G. Sharpe, National Research Council Canada / Global Institute for Food Security (U of S); Amidou N'Diaye, University of Saskatchewan; Curtis J Pozniak, University of Saskatchewan

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