Gene Expression Analysis

Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Time: 4:00 PM-6:10 PM
Room: Royal Palm Salon 1,2,3
David W. Galbraith and Gregory D. May
4:00 PM
Multilayer Networks Controlling Plant N-Acquisition 
Rodrigo A Gutierrez, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

4:20 PM
Understanding Gene Expression Responses to the Environment in Tomato Roots at the Cell Type and Tissue-Specific Level
Sharon B. Gray, University of California, Davis; Kaisa Kajala, University of California, Davis; Mily Ron, University of California, Davis; Kristina Zumstein, University of California, Davis; Germain Pauluzzi, University of California, Riverside; Mauricio A. Reynoso, University of California, Riverside; Roger B. Deal, Emory University; Julia Bailey-Serres, University of California, Riverside; Neelima R. Sinha, University of California, Davis; Siobhan Brady, University of California, Davis

4:40 PM
RoDEO: Non-Parametric Robust Differential Expression Operator
Niina Haiminen, IBM T J Watson Research - Computational Biology Center; Zeyu Zhou, IBM Research; Manfred Klaas, Teagasc Crops Environment and Land Use Programme; Filippo Utro, IBM T J Watson Research - Computational Biology Center; Susanne Barth, Teagasc; Laxmi Parida, IBM T J Watson Research - Computational Biology Center

5:00 PM
Networks Regulating Hormone-Mediated Plant Growth
Mathew G Lewsey, Salk Institute for Biological Studies; Liang Song, Salk Institute for Biological Studies; S Carol Huang, Salk Institute for Biological Studies; Mark Zander, Salk Institute for Biological Studies & Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Mingtang Xie, Salk Institute for Biological Studies; Aaron Wise, Carnegie Mellon University; Matthew T Weirauch, Cincinnati Children's Hospital; Timothy R. Hughes, University of Toronto; Ziv Bar-Joseph, Carnegie Mellon University; Joseph Ecker, Salk Institute for Biological Studies & Howard Hughes Medical Institute

5:20 PM
Identification of Novel Flavonoid-Pathway Regulatory Genes using Transcriptome Correlation Network Analysis in Ripe Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) Fruit
Jeremy Pillet, University of Florida; Haowei Yu, University of Florida; Alan Chambers, University of Florida; Vance M. Whitaker, University of Florida; Kevin M. Folta, University of Florida

5:40 PM
Full-length, Single Molecule, Whole Transcriptome cDNA Sequencing of the European Cuttlefish
Tyson A. Clark, Pacific Biosciences; Yi Han, Baylor College of Medicine; Jeffrey Rogers, Baylor College of Medicine; Kim C. Worley, Baylor College of Medicine; Min Wang, Baylor College of Medicine; Nathan Tublitz, University of Oregon; Graziano Fiorito, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn; Ting Hon, Pacific Biosciences; Cheryl Heiner, Pacific Biosciences; Elizabeth Tseng, Pacific Biosciences; Muthuswamy Raveendran, Baylor College of Medicine; Vanessa Vee, Baylor College of Medicine; Donna M. Muzny, Baylor College of Medicine; Richard A. Gibbs, Baylor College of Medicine

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