Managing Crop Phenotype Data

The final frontier for the application of plant genomics to plant improvement may be the acquisition and analysis of phenotype data for the multigenic, environment-sensitive traits important for crops grown in the field. High-quality phenotype data remains expensive to produce, but its value is being leveraged by interpreting it in terms of associated genome-wide molecular marker alleles. This workshop will address the current status and plans for phenotype data input, organization, standards, querying, delivery, integration with genotype data, and analysis.
Date: Saturday, January 10, 2015
Time: 10:30 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Town and Country
David E. Matthews and Jean-Luc Jannink
10:30 AM
Breeding4Rice:  Breeding Information Management System in a Process Organization
Marko Karkkainen, International Rice Research Institute; Eero Nissila, International Rice Research Institute

10:50 AM
Application Programming Interface (API) for Plant Breeding Data and Software Tools
Clay Birkett, USDA-ARS; David Matthews, Cornell University; Jean-Luc Jannink, Cornell University; Victoria Carollo Blake, USDA ARS WRRC

11:10 AM
The KDDArT Knowledge Discovery System
Grzegorz Uszynski, Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd (DArT PL); Andrzej Kilian, Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd (DArT PL)

11:30 AM
Managing Phenotypic Data through the IBP's Breeding Management System
Graham McLaren, Integrated Breeding Platform; Jan Erik Backlund, CGIAR; Mark Sawkins, Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP); Rebecca Berrigan, Leafnode Llc; Brent Whitney, Leafnode Llc

11:50 AM
Phenotypic Data Exchange and Processing Using ISA-Tab Standard: transPLANT Project Use Case with GnpIS.Ephesis and Bii
Cyril Pommier, INRA - URGI; Pawel Krajewski, Institute of Plant Genetics PAS; Thomas Letellier, INRA - URGI; Hanna Cwiek, Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Science; Célia Michotey, INRA - URGI; P. Roumet, AGAP - INRA; Raphael Flores, INRA - URGI; Guillaume Merceron, INRA – URGI; Erik Kimmel, INRA - URGI; Michael Alaux, INRA - URGI; Delphine Steinbach, INRA - URGI; Hadi Quesneville, INRA - URGI; Augustyn Markiewicz, Poznan University of Life Sciences

12:10 PM
Crop Data in Unity
Yaniv Semel, Phenome Networks

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