Plant Dormancy Workshop

This session will focus on the genomics and biology of both bud and seed dormancy of plants. This session will provide the newest information on genes, pathways, and chromosomal regions that regulate the transition through dormancy states (ie. endodormancy, ecodormancy,paradormancy, and from dormancy to growth).
Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Time: 4:00 PM-6:10 PM
Room: Royal Palm Salon 4,5,6
Anne Fennell and Jason Londo
4:00 PM
Dormancy Workshop Introductory Remarks

4:05 PM
Deciphering the Integrated Regulation of Dormancy, Cold Hardiness, and Growth in Apple
Michael Wisniewski, USDA-ARS; Timothy Artlip, USDA-ARS-AFRS; John L. Norelli, USDA-ARS

4:40 PM
A RNAseq Approach to Decipher the Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Dormancy Regulation in the Fagaceae Family
Gregoire Le Provost, INRA, BIOGECO, UMR 1202; Isabelle Lesur, INRA, BIOGECO, UMR 1202; Céline Noirot, Plateforme bioinformatique Genotoul, UR875UR875; Christophe Klopp, Plateforme bioinformatique Genotoul, UR875; Céline Lalanne, INRA, , BIOGECO, UMR 1202; Christophe Plomion, INRA,BIOGECO, UMR 1202

5:00 PM
Discovery of Dormancy-Associated Genes in Populus through Activation Tagging
Victor Busov, Michigan Tech University; Yordan Yordanov, Michigan Technological University; Steven Strauss, Oregon State University

5:20 PM
Identities and Regulatory Mechanisms of Seed Dormancy Genes Map-Based Cloned from Rice
Xingyou Gu, South Dakota State University; Jiuhuan Feng, South Dakota State University; Heng Ye, South Dakota State University

5:40 PM
A Comparative Transcriptome Analysis on Growth Regulation Between Seeds and Buds of Arabidopsis
Eiji Nambara, Dept. of Cell & Systems Biology., University of Toronto

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