Plant Interactions with Pests and Pathogens

Date: Saturday, January 10, 2015
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Sunrise - Meeting House
Christie Williams
1:30 PM
Designing Disease Resistant Plants
Benjamin F. Matthews, USDA-ARS Soybean Genomics Lab

1:50 PM
Yr36 Confers Partial Resistance to Wheat Stripe Rust By a Novel Mechanism
Jorge Dubcovsky, University of California; Jin-Ying Gou, Fudan University, Shanghai, China; Kati Wu, University of California; Xiaodong Wang, University of California Davis; Dario Cantu, University of California Davis; Cristobal Uauy, John Innes Centre; Albor Dobon-Alonso, John Innes Centre; Kentaro Inoue, University of California Davis; Takafumi Midorikawa, University of California Davis; Juan Sanchez, University of California; Daolin Fu, Shandong Agricultural University; Kun Li, University of California; Ann Blechl, USDA-ARS; Emma Wallington, National Institute of Agricultural Botany; Tzion Fahima, University of Haifa; Lynn Epstein, University of California; Madhu Meeta, Punjab Agricultural University

2:10 PM
Blackleg Resistance Gene Identification in Brassica napus: A Pan Genome Approach
Reece Tollenaere, University of Queensland; Salman Alamery, University of Queensland; Satomi Hayashi, University of Queensland; Philipp Emanuel Bayer, University of Queensland; Agnieszka Golicz, Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics; Harsh Raman, Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, PMB; Boulos Chalhoub, URGV-INRA; David Edwards, University of Western Australia; Jacqueline Batley, University of Western Australia

2:30 PM
Folic Acid Plays a Critical Role in Nonhost Resistance
Madan K. Bhattacharyya, Iowa State University; Sekhar Kambakam, Iowa State University; Michelle Ngaki, Iowa State University; Binod B. Sahu, Iowa State University; Prashant Singh, Iowa State University; Rishi Sumit, Iowa State University

2:50 PM
APIP10 Is a Novel E3 Ligase That Functionally Connects the Fungal Effector AvrPiz-t to Its NLR Receptor Piz-t in Rice
Chan Ho Park, The Ohio State University; Gautam Shirsekar, The Ohio State University; Maria Bellizzi, The Ohio State University; Songbiao Chen, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Pattavipha Songkumarn, The Ohio State University; Yuese Ning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Bo Zhou, International Rice Research Institute; Guo-Liang Wang, The Ohio State University

3:10 PM
Broadly Conserved Fungal Effector BEC1019 Suppresses Host Cell Death and Enhances Virulence of Powdery Mildew in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Roger Wise, Corn Insects and Crop Genetics Research, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Iowa State University; Priyanka Surana, Iowa State University; Ehren Whigham, Roosevelt High School; Shan Qi, Cornell University; Antony V. E. Chapman, Iowa State University; Divya Mistry, Iowa State University; Ruo Xu, Google, Inc.; Greg Fuerst, USDA-ARS, Iowa State University; Clara Pliego, Instituto Andaluz de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera; Laurence Bindschedler, Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL); Pietro Spanu, Imperial College; Julie Dickerson, Iowa State University; Roger W. Innes, Indiana University; Dan Nettleton, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University; Adam Bogdanove, Cornell University

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