Date: Sunday, January 11, 2015
Time: 10:30 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 2
Andrew Leitch and M. Eric Schranz
10:30 AM
Interplay of Polyploid- and Tandem-Derived Gene Duplicates in  Chemical Defense and Pathogen Recognition
M. Eric Schranz, Wageningen University and Research; Johannes A. Hofberger, Wageningen University

10:50 AM
Epigenetic Regulation of Duplicated Genes Involving Spreading of DNA Methylation in Legumes
Kyung Do Kim, University of Georgia; Moaine El Baidouri, University of Georgia; Scott A. Jackson, University of Georgia

11:10 AM
The Role That Transposable Elements May Play in Differential Expression Levels of Maize Paralogs
Damon Lisch, Purdue University; Margaret R. Woodhouse, University of California, Berkeley; Jie Xu, Sichuan Agricultural University & UC Berkeley; Michael R Freeling, University of California

11:30 AM
Subfunctionalization and Nonfunctionalization, Revisited
Michael R Freeling, University of California

11:50 AM
Evolution of Duplicated Pathways in Networks in Allopolyploid Cotton
Corrinne E. Grover, Iowa State University; Joseph P. Gallagher, Iowa State University; Jonathan F. Wendel, Iowa State University

12:10 PM
Neofunctionalization Of Homoeologs Explains Multiple Mechanisms Of Chromosome Pairing Control Associated With the Ph1 Gene Of  polyploid Wheat
Kulvinder Gill, Washington State University; Ramanjot Kaur, Washington State University; Kanwardeep Singh, Washington State University; Ragupathi Nagarajan, Washington State University; Amita Mohan, Washington State University

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