Poultry 2

Date: Sunday, January 11, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Sunset - Meeting House
Fiona McCarthy and Douglas D. Rhoads
Fionna McCarthy
Douglas D. Rhoads
8:40 AM
Update on the Chicken Genome
Wesley Warren, McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University

9:00 AM
Genome-Wide Pattern and Magnitude of Genetic Diversity in a Wide Range of Diverse Chicken Breeds
Steffen Weigend, Institute of Farm Animal Genetics, Friedrich Loeffler Institut

9:40 AM
Use of Allele Specific Expression to Fine Map QTL and Enhance Genomic Selection
William Muir, Purdue University; Hans Cheng, USDA, ARS, ADOL

10:00 AM
AM Break
Douglas D. Rhoads, University of Arkansas

10:30 AM
Bioinformatic Interpretation through Upstream and Functional Analysis of Global Gene Expression Associated with Feed Efficiency in Broiler
Byung-Whi Kong, University of Arkansas; Sami Dridi, University of Arkansas; Walter Bottje, University of Arkansas

10:50 AM
Genome Analysis of a Bacterium that Causes Lameness
M. Brian Couger, Oklahoma State University; Adnan Al-Rubaye, University of Arkansas/Fayetteville; Sohita Ojha, University of Arkansas; Robert F Wideman, University of Arkansas; Douglas D. Rhoads, University of Arkansas

11:10 AM
NC1170 Business Meeting
Douglas D. Rhoads, University of Arkansas

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